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What is Forced Matrix?

The structure of a forced matrix plan is like that of a pyramid where the members are organized into a fixed number of columns and rows. The width and depth of the forced matrix plan are limited and fixed so organizations keep a fixed set of primary members and then recruit more members in the downline. For instance, there can be four to five primary members and they can recruit members in their downline. When each member of the forced matrix plan adds a new member to the downline he or she gets a commission. 


In the forced matrix primary members are added to the first level while the new members are added to the next groups as permitted by the plan. Common matrix compensation plans are 3×9, 2×12, 4×7 and 5×7. Let’s say you choose a 2×12 plan, for example, that means you can recruit two members at the first level then the other members will be spillover to the later level unto a depth of twelve levels. And you will also be getting paid till the twelve level. 

 The only problem with a forced matrix plan is that you cannot easily explain it to prospects like that of a binary plan which is straightforward.

Types of Forced Matrix

There are different types of matrix compensation plans. All of which can be calculated easily with a forced matrix calculator


Forced Matrix Bonus

This bonus is given to distributors as an additional recompense but members are only entitled to this bonus when their matrix is filled with downline members. Let’s take the 3×3 matrix plan as an example. The member will have to recruit three(3) members in the first level, fill the second level with nine(9) members and the third level with twenty-seven (27) members to receive this bonus.


Matrix Level Bonus

The level bonus is given when a member fills each level with the number of members required. That means if you have nine levels in your plan then you are entitled to receive a nine levels bonus when you complete each of the nine levels.


Sponsor or Referral Bonus

The sponsor bonus is mostly offered by MLM companies to propel members in recruiting new members and encourage them to expand their network. The sponsor bonus is given to team members after they have completed the first level of the matrix plan.


Matching Bonus

A matching bonus is earned by a member when one of the downline members gets a commission. A certain percentage of the downline earning is given to the member. Assuming there is a 10% bonus and a distributor A sponsored distributor B. Therefore when distributor B earns a commission, then the sponsoring distributor A will receive 10% of the commission that was earned by distributor B.


Position Bonus

Position bonus is given when downline team members add new members and the members join their matrix. Let’s take the 3×3 matrix as an example, a member earns a position bonus when a new member is added in the last 3rd level. The percentage of position bonus given is determined based on the policies and regulations of the company.


How Forced Matrix Plan Works

In a forced matrix the number of new members you can add to your frontline as a team member is fixed. So when the number of members needed in a level is completed then any new member will be added under one of your existing frontline members. This process is what is referred to as spillover which is a very important term in a forced matrix and this helps to encourage the consistent development and cooperation of team members.

Features Of Forced Matrix Plan

MLM matrix plan offers various features some of which are listed below

Provide Opportunity to make money

A forced matrix plan is filled with potential and provides an opportunity that can help one to generate income.

Easy To Understand And Follow

The forced matrix plan is structured in such a way that teams in an organization can easily understand it.

Customization is Easy

The customization of this MLM plan is very easy. So companies can easily customize the plan based on their requirement with the matrix MLM software.

Fix Depth And Width Structure

The width and depth structure of this plan is fixed which makes it easy for companies to add new members and keep track of them. Also, it becomes easy to locate default or primary members with this plan.


Consistency and Accuracy

The forced matrix compensation plan is so consistent and accurate and could be one of the reasons it is commonly used in multilevel marketing.