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Core Feature Multi-level Marketing Software - CBN MLM

Network Marketing Software


Carls Broadway Network’s ALPHA2.0 edition uses the proprietary MLM Builder Block engine which makes us the cutting edge MLM Software Platform available to empower your Network Marketing Business. The ALPHA2.0 MLM tracking Software is as simple as you could ever imagine, ALPHA2.0 will empowers you to run your business successfully and independently without relying on webmasters, designers or techies. This software manages every function of your business more effectively.

ALPHA2.0’s Network Marketing Software ties necessary business operations together, including distributor management, commissions, inventory management, marketing, sales, order entry, shipping and fulfilment operation. It functions as a simple and easy e-commerce platform that transforms your MLM Business into a productive and profitable powerhouse.

Launch your

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Go global, expand without boundaries – build an international Company.


The same user-experience of back-office on all devices – Smartphones & Tablets.


Real-time compensation calculations are just the beginning of what may surprise you.


Go global, expand without boundaries – build an international Company.

To experienced our software and understand more about its capabilities. Please register with us, our associates will help you with more information on its features. For EXCLUSIVE LIVE DEMO walk-through, register using the below link.

We Create Trends

Staying ahead of the competition is the intrinsic need of any business. For directly selling companies, the success of building their brands depends majorly on the business tools such as sales, marketing, order management, e-commerce, distribution etc. At CBN, we are adept at understanding the dynamics of MLM Business and its specific business needs. The unique features in our MLM solution will successfully address your industry-specific requirements such as various business plans, funds allocation, compensation plans, commission structures etc.


Fast and Secure

Our MLM software is secure, reliable and is the fastest so that the systems work smoothly. Members of Users can rest assured that all their personal and transactional data is safe.


24×7 Support

Our Customer Service is among one of the bests and is committed to resolving all your issues with 24×7 supports to any possible queries and inquiry for your growth.

Your Branded Mobile App

Our White labelled app is so feature rich and simple to use that a representative can run their entire business from their phone. This elegant solution allows you to deliver a consistent omni-channel brand experience and enables your company to have a premier presence in the Android and IOS app store, side-by-side with the world’s most admired retailers.

Ease of Integration

ALPHA2.0’ CLOUD Platform is feature-rich, robust and thoughtfully designed with a multitude of options. For those few unique features that are must-haves, customization within the code allows you to retain the benefits of feature upgrades while also providing you unique features. Our API’s documents provide you with the ability to integrate anything and everything without ever needing to call Carls Broadway Network

Personalized Support

Customer Support done right! A friendly person is ready to assist you. No need to be an IT expert or have an IT staff to leverage the most advanced technology solutions for running your MLM software. ALPHA2.0 is ready to run your business right out-of-the-box without the need for costly software customization. Unlike other software development companies, your support call will NOT be answered by a computer system leaving you frustrated. When you need answers, you can always count on getting a LIVE support person at Carls Broadway Network. You will have peace-of-mind knowing that teams of experts are working around the clock to support your system. If an unexpected event occurs, we’ve got you covered 24×7.

Edge Over The Market

We understand that our clients must compete with Amazon and every other online retailer. In response to this need, we have successfully combined the very best of the current online shopping experiences with the specific needs of direct sellers – seamless integration with their commissions, social sharing of products, along with our robust promotions engine. The result is giving you an option to either use our in-house CBN’ Cart or go with established market leaders like Shopify or Woo-commerce to create new level of scalability for MLM Business and a higher level of confidence from the consumers shopping on their websites.

Technology That Runs Your Entire Business

ALPHA2.0’ CLOUD provides everything MLM Companies need to start, run and grow their business. Save time, money and frustration by working with a single partner for commissions and genealogy, replicating websites, e-commerce shopping, party plan, journey based onboarding, client branded mobile app and a suite of tools for your distributors.


Replicating Website

E-Commerce Shopping

Looking for an excellent MLM Business solution ?

Our comprehensive, fully customizable MLM software solution helps DSOs simplify operations and distributors become more efficient. By providing innovative commerce and payment solutions, CBN allows your organization to become more aligned with today’s customer expectations.